Karana Scouts

The Scouting Uniform

Karana Scout Group

The uniform shown in the photo is the one all Scouts in Australia wear.

At the Karana Scout Group, we focus primarily on the shirt, the scarf and woggle and neat, practical, comfortable shoes.

The shirt is dark blue and has a contrasting colour (see below) across the sleeves, yoke and collar; and a maroon scarf (with the Queensland Emblem Badge) and woggle.

The contrasting colours are :

Joey Scouts – tan
Cub Scouts – yellow
Scouts – green
Venturer Scouts – maroon
Rover Scouts – red

Good to Know : Long sleeved navy t-shirts may be worn under the shirt to meet religious and or cultural requirements – or when it’s cold!

CLICK HERE for information on where to purchase your Scout uniform and accessories.